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Jerry and the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer!



Poppet Theatre is set to embark on its debut adventure: 

'Jerry & the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer' is an original, devised children's TIE (theatre in education) show for families and their young children..

In 18th Century London during a time of great exploration, we meet Amy Sparrows, a young girl who has a big dream of seeing the world like her idol, the first female French explorer Jeanne Baret. Meanwhile Captain Samuel Evans is fresh off of Captain Cook’s voyage abroad and is about to set off on his own solo adventure to Australia and prove himself as an pioneer. After skillfully tricking Sam into letting her travel with him, Amy stubbles upon a small, furry stowaway who has accidentally travelled over from Cook’s voyage! Jerry, a tiny Australian Koala just wants to find his way back home! As the crew make their epic adventure across the world, they will discover what it means to be brave, respect other cultures, and learn the true meaning of being home.

Puppets, bubbles, singalong and a bit of education

- what more is there to love?

''Jerry & the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer' will be set

to tour round schools and London theatre venues. 

Booking from July 2019.

For more information or booking enquiries please contact us


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